Radsone EarStudio HE100 Impressions

Radsone EarStudio HE100 + ES100Full disclosure: Radsone reached out to me to review the HE100. They were provided to me, but I did not receive any compensation, nor was I told

5 years ago

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Radsone EarStudio HE100 + ES100

Full disclosure: Radsone reached out to me to review the HE100. They were provided to me, but I did not receive any compensation, nor was I told what to say in this review.

IEMs are a little on the new side to me, but after being so impressed with the ES100, I had to take a look at this offering from Radsone.

Build and Comfort – The ES100 have a modest, understated look to them that don’t draw too much attention. That said, it’s a nice, clean look that I prefer to some of the gaudier designs out there. They are on the smaller side and don’t require any hooks for a comfortable fit. They come with S, M, and L tips and stay in place while not causing any discomfort. The cables are attached, which makes this a possible point of failure, but it’s a fairly strong and flexible material. Beneath the split, the cable is sleeved, which leads to some microphonics, but the included clip takes care of this. The driver housing is metal and plastic. Durability was a mild concern until I had them catch on a door handle, rip out of my ears, and fall to the ground. When I picked them up, I expected them to be broken, but there wasn’t even a scratch, so they did something right! If I had to pick on something, it would be the mic/control. It’s very plasticy and seems like it could be a point of failure in an otherwise durable cable. I point this out because it is not detachable.

Sound – The ES100 immediately struck me good all-around. Treble wise, these aren’t what I would consider bright. They’re relaxing in certain songs I ordinarily find fatiguing if they found their way to the end of a listening session. The best part about that is it doesn’t detract much from detail. There’s enough of that for me to enjoy even when I’m in a critical listening mood.   Mids are solid. This is where most of my enjoyment comes from. Instruments are full bodied, well separated, and an overall joy to listen to.  The bass has a clean quality to it. Mid bass is strong and a bit punchy, while not being overbearing or bloated. Sub bass is present and extends well but is a little lean for my tastes. Typically, when I’m on the go, having plenty of sub bass to keep me going is preferred. That said, this is a personal preference and I certainly won’t hold it against the ES100. They do a fine job here.

As far as sound stage goes, I typically don’t comment on it as I’m not the best at describing it or imaging. Here though, I found the ES100 was pleasantly wide for an IEM. I didn’t feel music was being pushed into my head. The presentation felt relatively natural to me.

Conclusion – The ES100 is a great effort from Radsone. One that makes me want to try an over ear if they decide to do that.  Paired with the ES100, it’s a very nice setup for well under $200. The HE100 can be driven on its own, but I definitely prefer them with the ES100 to put a modest EQ on the bass.


Published 5 years ago


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