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Audio has been quite the journey for me, but it has not been one of solitude like you might expect from listening to a pair of headphones. I have come across many people whose experience and opinions I value, and I want their voices to be heard alongside my own.

2 years ago

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Audio has been quite the journey for me, but it has not been one of solitude like you might expect from listening to a pair of headphones. I have come across many people whose experience and opinions I value, and I want their voices to be heard alongside my own.

To that end, you might have noticed some new faces on the site!


Flux lent me his LCD-4 so that I didn't need to blind buy. This photo is both of our LCD-4s just hanging out.

Flux is someone I have known since my first year in the hobby. His willingness to dive head-first into audio helped me ease some of my apprehension when seeing what higher-end gear sold for. He knows what he likes, and he knows what he does not like. His ability to articulate that is what sets him apart. I never get vague answers when asking for insight. Everything is coated in his experience and molded to fit my scenario. Of my all-time favorite headphones, Flux is largely responsible for my Audeze LCD-4 and Focal Utopia purchases. He also dragged me, kicking and screaming, down the path of tubes. My Moon Audio IHA-1 and Eddie Current Studio B are the side effects of that, so it is fittingly his first review.

I do not regret a single purchase under his influence. I learned to approach listening with patience, an open mind, and have never forgotten to enjoy the music. I am absolutely honored that he chose this platform to share his passion for the hobby.

Flux - Writer
I started a journey many moons ago, before my maturation into an adult, even before I even knew what career path I even remotely wanted to follow. This journey has encompassed a significant portion of my life.

Kyle aka Ishca

Ishca (aka Kyle) is one of the originals. He is never afraid to call it as he sees it, and does not throw around audio terms to impress. His explanations are complete and concise. I crossed paths with Ishca early in my journey and he did a few things for me. The very first thing was cutting the hype right out of my first expensive purchase. I thought the headphones sounded great, but he gave me a crash course in dynamics and timbre complete with reference songs and time stamps. I gained knowledge that day. I learned a skill that day. I took an $1800 L that day. I can laugh about that now, knowing it is not a mistake I will make again.

For all that he is, one of my favorite traits about Ishca is his willingness to have guilty pleasures. Recognizing that something has flaws, but enjoying it anyway is something I learned requires skill. One thing we share is a love of bass. I had a lot of fun with the Master & Dynamic MH40s that I bought under his recommendation. He also enjoys getting hands-on with this hobby. I spent some time with the IshT1. A creation of his that uses an original DT 770 chassis, T1 drivers, some tuning, and a whole lot of fun. Fun is an aspect of the hobby that many stalwarts seem to have forgotten. I am again honored that he ended up here.

Kyle - Writer
Music always played some role in my life—be it growing up with my parents’ Tagalog music playing around the house, piano lessons at 5 years old, or picking up the alto saxophone for the first time at 10 years old.


Listener came out of nowhere. Many believe he has been undercover for years, and just now surfaced under his own name. I thought much the same when I read his first review. It was steeped in a rich broth of experience that no newbie could craft on their first try. We have largely given up the hunt to uncover his true identity, but the mystery will always be there.

Listener and I have had many conversations from audio to photography and he is just as passionate from one subject to another. His endless, but educational depth is why I am glad to have him aboard.

listener - Writer
I’ve been calling myself “listener” in the online audio space for a while now, but I wager the name fit long before I ever needed an audiophile-tinged pseudonym online. As I’ve said often: Music is a lifelong friend. Our relationship began in the car with my mother, listening to


Is there a doctor in the house?! Soon... Very soon. Humble is someone I met just last year. He did not start quietly, nor gently. Before I knew it he had an Eddie Current and some OG Hifiman HE-6es. He takes the hobby as seriously as his studies, and he is a welcome, fresh perspective.


Claire is someone I have only interacted with in passing until recently, but the speed in which she’s picking up the hobby is nothing short of harrowing. She has been traveling to shows, attending meet ups, and auditioning gear since the moment she got serious. She is good friends with the other new writers and contributes with fresh ideas in all the meetings we’ve had thus far in this new chapter for Den-Fi. I look forward to the content she has been hard at work preparing.

Claire - Writer
My earliest experience with audio was the classic iPod nano in grade school. I don’t remember the exact model, although I’m sure it was one of the earlier ones in a silver color, and the accompanying earbuds to go with it.


This is a new and exciting time for us. One of our goals is to help those in the hobby gather a few more opinions before parting with hard earned cash. We do stress opinions though. We want to share our experiences in order to help you with your own. Remember to never trust a single source. Keep this hobby fun. Learn to trust your own ears. Most of us are born hearing, that’s the easy part. It is listening that makes one an audiophile.


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